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As to prove to our customer that we are mastering our busness, CV Sadhu Bhuana   provide the house of Sadhu; a place to get the real feel of our treatmen Master touch.

Sadhu Bhuana develop two brand with different concept:


It’s been our intention since we understand what the Wellness & Spa all about. No one of us actually realize that Wellness & Spa is not just about physical treatment to be a better one in health and beauty even though some of them come with a very interesting tag line ‘mind, body and soul’.


In last two decades every Wellness & Spa company trying to create so many kind of physical treatment from head to toe even some of them combine it with other Wellness activities such as Yoga , Taichi and Meditation. However the results are staying the same, the change only on physical appearance as the therapists understanding are not on the same level with the promotion and the customer needs.


Wellness & Spa are about prevention, about the education meaning of life and the secret of never last happiness. In every Sadhu Bodywork outlet, the treatments, the rooms set up standard, the therapists grooming are not only set in the highest standard they ever be but the most important point for us is the ‘SOUL’ in each element of the Wellness & Spa. Each therapist including the Managements possesses the inner power ability. It will appear and every one can ‘feel’ the presence of this power through the Five Senses (PANCA INDRIA). In Sadhu Bodywork you will deal with the truly Master of Wellness & Spa.

We are now at:

  • Pondok Pundi Village, Ubdu -
  • Surya Kembar Luxury Villa, Ubud -
  • Seri Resort Gili Meno, Lombok -
  • The Seri Villa, Seminyak -
  • Bisma Eight, Ubud -
  • The Shift Hotel, Ubud, BALI - opening soon



SADHU RETREAT HOUSE is a place to gain the confident of live, the sanctuary of peace beauty and health for the body mind and soul.  Inside the house you will be welcomed by a unique way which adopted from the Bali tradition , you will find out the awakening the hidden of your own power. This brand will be launch by 2016.

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