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CV Sadhu Bhuana is an Indonesian private company located at Denpasar-Gilimanuk Street, Km 71, Desa Pulukan, Jembrana, BALI. The island possessed rich of traditional wellness culture which still carry out until today.

CV  Sadhu Bhuana is set by a team who lead by a leader who has been in the Spa business since 1993. With years of experience and a solid team will assist the Spa Owner, the Spa Investor who interested in having authentic Indonesian (Java & Bali) Spa Style as well as providing native therapist. In the other hand Sadhu Bhuana also helping Indonesian job seeker who interest to work as therapist in Spa business by educate them with appropriate spa therapist skill especially in Javanese and Balinese Spa treatments.

In last ten years the growth of Spa Business is phenomenal. The growth speed of the business is exceeded the understanding of the Spa itself thus also exceed the need of competent Spa therapists. Those issues become the core problem for the spa today. It is not a secret anymore that some Spas out of its origin track, out of its origin functions.

CV Sadhu Bhuana is established to assist both Spa Owners/Investors and Spa job seekers by providing comprehensive Spa business blue print and competent Spa therapists.  

Concept & Philosophy

Spa & Wellness is about harmony of microcosms (Universe) and macrocosms (Personal being). As from the words itself, Sadhu Bhuana is consist of two words: ‘Sadhu’ and ‘Bhuana’.

Sadhu is from Sanskrit word sādh’, which means "reach ones goal", "make straight", or "gain power over".

Bhuana’ is a Bali/Old Java word mean “World or Universe”. By those definition Sadhu Bhuana we mean ‘gaining power from universe’.

As from the logo, it shows 4 rotating circles with 4 different solid color. According to Balinese and Old Javanese tradition, it means  4 guardians that present each directions, Black is represent North, Red represent South, Yellow represent West and White represent East. those 4 guardians is responsible for the balance of the world. That is why they never stop rotating, they never stop working.

 It is Sadhu Bhuana concept to invite the world to start using the universe power, the power of nature proportionally through the Spa. Spa is the Sutra of Wellness. The step by step education how to get the wellness in life.  

Our Vision

“Using the power of Nature through Spa business to stay harmoniously in microcosms and macrocosms”.

Through the Spa business, Sadhu Bhuana reinforced the lost tradition of using the power of nature by educating the world that the wellness is not far from ourselves, from our home. The power  of touch (massage). The power of herbs (scrub ingredients, herbal drinks etc.), the power of flower (flower bath, essential oil, flower scrub), The power of fruit (coconut, apple, orange, grape, cocoa, coffee etc.), the power of Sun, Wind & Earth. Using those powers proportionally is keeping the balance of nature, It creates the harmony of the nature and it will form the wellness. 

Our Mision 

“To maintain, develop and share the theory, recepies and techniques of Bali’s wellness & beauty heritage to the rest of the world through Wellness, Bodywork & Spa Business”

The tradition of beauty & wellness treatments have been live and practized in Indonesian sociaty daily life especially Java & Bali. Through the Wellness & Spa Business since 1993 these tradition have been shared in the tourism industry and become the phenomenal business. However the authentic of this heritage has never been revealed.  CV Sadhu Bhuana  exist to share these heritage secrets benefits through our high quality services and natives skillfull hand of our therapsit.


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